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Quick tips to event sponsorship

If you’ve ever planned or organised a big event, you know that the big day can’t go on without sponsors.  Almost all events rely on some form of sponsorship, the events get to happen and the sponsors get their brand out there.

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Why do people really attend events?

Ever wondered to why attendees really show up to an event? Is it because you have put on a good spread and people don’t want to miss out on the free buffet. Or possibly your guest speaker is just that fabulous people really want to hear what he has to say. 

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10 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

Every bride to be knows there is a clear plan of attack when planning a wedding. The execution from start to finish is no easy feat and one that is never taken lightly, as all Bridzillas will tell you. However some brides fall into the trap of wasting money, a wedding devoid of personality or a really bad MC.

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Getting yourself into VIP events without an invite

It doesn’t matter if you’re desperately trying to break into the world of PR, events or just desperate to get into an inclusive event to see all the plebs…I mean celebs. I have found some nifty tips on how to get into exclusive parties and clubs without an invitation.

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The End is Nigh, Breeze Events eNewsletter is going off with a bang…The awesome Burleigh BBQ Championships and a blog about “Is it ever ok to invite yourself to an event”?

Welcome and goodbye to my loyal band of merry followers. Breeze Events will be taking a short break producing monthly snippets of astounding and quite frankly crazy information for reasons I can’t disclose (not yet).

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